Steve Garland is organising a fun tennis event which members will definitely enjoy.  It’s being held on the morning of Sunday May 7th, the weekend of the King’s Coronation.

This is a FUN event for players of all standards.  It is doubles tennis, played for a set time (10 minutes) – with no deuces, no lets and only one serve!!  So things move fast.

There is a round robin – followed by four Quarter Finals, two Semis and a Final – and maybe a last-place playoff!

20 players are needed to sign up to make it work – 24, 30 or even up to 40 will work though, so members don’t be shy.  SO IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT MEMBERS SIGN UP IN ADVANCE – deadline 5pm May 3rd to st[email protected]

Pairs will be drawn based on entries received – aiming to make it as even as possible.

You won’t play solidly for three hours – you’ll have to sit out at times, but not for very long!

Snacks will be served and there will be prizes for the winners.

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